Wednesday, August 15, 2007

NBC Thoughts

-Really, Montreal? Well, I guess it's a start. But I guess their appearence over 8 NHL teams in the US is ok, I suppose.

-The schedule's fine with me, as long as NBC's willing to select the right game. I mean there are a few obvious choices (Sid vs. Alex, Rangers-Devs on the season's last day) but many of the choices WILL likely hinge on the team's performances this year.

-3 selections for the Philly-Pittsburgh rivalry, 2 Boston-Rangers games, 2 Nashville-Detroit games.

-Carolina, Florida, Los Angeles, Minnesota, the Isles, Phoenix, St. Louis and Tampa Bay will make no appearences on NBC regardless of flex scheduling.

-The Rangers are on the potential schedule 8 times, Detroit and Pittsburgh 7, Boston and Philadelphia 4, Washington and Buffalo 3, Anaheim, Chicago, Dallas and Nashville twice, and Atlanta, Colorado, Columbus, New Jersey and San Jose once.

-The real judgement will have to be made down the road on what games are selected. NBC's courage to take the better game over the big markets will mean a lot.

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The Dark Ranger said...

As much as I love seeing my boys getting national coverage on NBC, the smaller market franchises need the exposure.

I do wish one of the smaller cable channels (USA network) would devote themselves wholeheartedly to the game.

The Dark Ranger

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