Wednesday, August 1, 2007


And it's one of them fictional TV comedies too! And a good one at that.

This from the NHL Today:

Former NHL player Willie O'Ree will film an episode of The CW's "Everybody Hates Chris" on Thursday, August 9 in Los Angeles. In the episode entitled "Everybody Hates Gretzky," Chris (played by Tyler Williams) and his brother, Drew (played by Tequan Richmond) ditch school to meet his hockey hero, Wayne Gretzky, when the Edmonton Oilers visit the New York Islanders. When they realize they are lost, they stop an older gentleman (played by Willie O'Ree) for directions but also get a hockey history lesson. An air date for the episode has not been set.

Very interesting. Can't wait to check it out. "Chris" is a pretty good show, though it's 2nd season wasn't quite up to snuff with the first. Think an urban version of "Malcolm in the Middle" sparked by Chris Rock's unique comic voice.

Another strike in my "NHL on CW" campaign!

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