Thursday, August 9, 2007

Jessica Alba to Play Hockey Owner

From Greg Wyshynski at NHL Fanhouse:

Alas, it seems Ms. Alba has actually been hired for "The Love Guru," a movie that will introduce the next Mike Myers character that your annoying friends will quote incessantly until you literally beg them to go back to saying "Do I make you horny, baby?" in a faux British accent. According to Michael Fleming in Variety, Myers has tapped Alba (he should be so lucky), "Blades of Glory" actor Romany Malco and his "Austin Powers" buddy Verne Troyer as his co-stars for a film set to be released in June 2008.


I gotta be honest, this looks like it could suck. But then again, a spy from the 60's who looks for his mojo is pretty shitty an idea too.

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The Dark Ranger said...

This will be a hit...and it's about time that Hollywood's Canadians are stepping up and 'green-lighting' these type of films.

We need more mainstream hockey movies, other than our favorites Slap Shot, Miracle and Mystery, Alaska (which also has a brilliant Mike Myers impression).


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