Sunday, August 12, 2007

Battle of NY and Battle of PA - Getting Along, unlike the Teams We Cover

Shout out to the folks at Battle of Pennsylvania (The new one, that you can find in the links). Me and Danny, who runs BoPA, have agreed to network each other's sites. The first of these was with Battle of California, but we don't get to use Earl and Mike and James as much because we rarely see our teams.

Here are the details:
-Battle of NY's blog posts on the days of Games between the Rangers, Devils or Islanders against the Pens or Flyers will be posted on Battle of PA, and vice versa.
-Battle of NY's bloggers will do anywhere from 5-10 Liveblogs this year on Game Nighs.
-Battle of PA will post comments on each other's sites when there is big news on any of each other's teams.
-Dustin, our graphical genius, will design graphics for them.
-We'll do our best to promote each other's sites, and Danny and hopefully Kristin from Battle of PA will help out with the SFM preview. BTW, Frank and Lenny (boy I wish Frank's name was Carl, oh well) will also be a part of it, as well as the wonderful Patricia from 2 Man.
-We'll have them take part in the upcoming debates we'll be having soon.
-We'll generally be nicer to each other than Stevens and Lindros were.

Visit Battle of PA and give them a shout out. See you all soon!


Danny said...

The Network - "The Battle of the Atlantic"

snoopyjode said...

looking forward to working with you. :)

Michael said...

I don't really agree with the setup here. Where is Buffalo? They are in New York too, ya know!

Can you include a LaFontaine tribute somewhere as the only player to have been a star on all 3 NY teams?

The Dark Ranger said...

Buffalo lost all their good players, didn't you hear? Oh, right. Vanek for 10K million a year. ;)


Danny said...

Buffalo isnt in the Atlantic division, thats probably why there not in this battle.

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