Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Totally Random: Belarus-Finland/Winter Games Madness

 It's 5-1 Finland over Belarus which is no surprise. Olli Jokinen has scored. Niklas Hagman has two, including a highlight reel backhand deke Brent "Benedict" Sutter will never get to see even if Hags is a solid player. Even hated Jarkko Ruutu had one go in off his back just now. If I temporarily can't recall the other Suomi goal, forgive me. It's just not that interesting. Even if Sergei Kostitsyn scored 21 seconds into period two making it 2-1, allowing Belarus to hang around a while until Hagman finished. Now, I remember. Valtteri Filppula got the other. Ain't that one of the coolest hockey names?!?!?!?!?! I just love the spelling of the two t's and p's along with the pronunciation.

Val----terrrr-yyyy  Fil----pppoooo--llllaaaahhh

As this uncompetitive preliminary round Olympic game comes to a close, I can't help but think why these countries are even allowed to compete. I'm all for giving them a chance and seeing huge upsets like Swiss over Canada four years ago and didn't Belarus beat Sweden (Tommy Salo) in '02 or is my mind playing tricks on me? So, the shots in today's mismatch errr game were like 45 to 7. Well, at least this cool Russian stream is showing the traditional anthem played after with both teams lined up for handshakes. God forbid NBC/CNBC/MSNBC/USA/PBC/UBC stays on for hockey's best tradition. You get the point. Hell. They can't even keep a promise on where to find Russia/Latvia with angry fans scrambling with CNBC airing curling's conclusion. Nothing like watching the cool analysis of intense curlers measuring before rolling that human wrecking ball! Winter Games at its best!

In case you didn't know or didn't want to, Lindsey Vonn won gold today in downhill skiing. Let the butt kissing commence! Granted. She is fine and all (have you ever seen a better athlete in SI). But now we'll hear how heroic it is that she overcame a "bad shin" to beat the field. Can I just ask why NBC couldn't show it live this afternoon instead of waiting for their beloved "Primetime?" I know. They'll get the ratings. But what about college kids or HS kids off who might've wanted to see it live instead of finding our the spoiler? Guess they don't count in Dick Eber$ol's world! Hey. What would ya expect? During women's luge last night, they actually had the audacity to say the main reason for the start being moved way up was only due to "excessive speeds" making the track dangerous. Couldn't have anything to do with the young Georgian luger Nodar Kumaritashvili, who tragically died during a practice run before the Opening Ceremony. He was only 21 and had dreamed of competing in this high risk event which I'll admit is interesting to watch. But whenever you see these lugers going at such crazy 85-90 MPH speeds, you wonder how much guts are required just to put yourself in that position. I mean it's amazing something so sad never happened before. We've seen crashes/mishaps. But wow. RIP Nodar. :( God bless his family.

The Games are fun and should be enjoyed by all. Even if NBC makes it as hard as possible to sit back and relax. They are a disgrace. Still, if you love great competition for something much bigger than just a paycheck even if plenty come in the mail for the beautiful Vonn, they're still laying it on the line to compete for their countries for gold. That will always be the Olympics' greatest appeal. It's why we watch.

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