Thursday, February 11, 2010

Brashear on waivers

The news we've been waiting for is finally here. Earlier today, the Rangers put Donald Brashear on waivers. He of the one assist, minus-nine and 73 penalty minutes in 36 contests. Amazing to think Huggy Bear got two years averaging a ridiculous $1.4 million. Oh wait. The Savior did it!

Sadly, I used to be a fan of the big guy back in his heyday when he could actually hit the back of the net along with drop 'em. It was never going to work here. Especially after the Betts cheapshot. Aside from that, he's just worn down. Enforcers get old too. It's easy to rip on Brash because we hated him to begin with. But the real person we should push it on is the GM and even the coach, who didn't want Colton back and brought in Huggy Bear, who likely won't get picked up by anyone with a brain.

Even if this is it, let's say this. Brash was dressed like a pimp at Ranger Casino Night. Adieu Donald. We hardly knew ya.

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