Friday, February 26, 2010

Stay away from angry Ovie

A lot was made out of Alex Ovechkin not discussing Wednesday's Russian humiliation to the mainstream media. What really could he have said other than, 'We sucked?' After a performance like that in the national spotlight, I probably wouldn't care to talk either. Word to the wise. Too many journalists out there think they're entitled to everything. Bottom line: The Great Eight had a miserable night and one he'd rather forget. Just watch his snarky reaction to a Russian camerawoman who screams, "No. No. No. Please! Please," exiting Canada Hockey Place courtesy of PetePRose:

Judging from the looks of his female entourage, it seems Ovechkin had something entirely else on his mind. Sometimes, it's hard to remember that these athletes are human (insert cheesy Human League 80's music here). In other words, even Ovechkin can have a bad day. You don't think he was embarrassed along with his mismatched KHL Russian teammates? That look on Ilya Kovalchuk in an entry yesterday spoke volumes. Still can't believe the audacity of Joe Micheletti asking Ovie how he felt. How was he supposed to feel?!?!?!?!?! His team didn't even show. Between Mich's homeristic Ranger work on MSG and this, what a major league buffoon!

As for Mad Mike who foolishly referred to the Ryccku's effort as "Eurotrash," it is what it is. In this space 24 hours ago, we advocated firing him. But as Battle originator Steve Lepore noted in a well thought out PuckTheMedia entry, that would be overreaction. In retrospect, Mike Milbury should face fine/suspension from NBC. At least they sent him home early after his harsh words even left Jeremy Roenick speechless. I'll just echo what's been said about his controversial persona which emulates Don Cherry. FanHouse's Adam Gretz and Puck Daddy's Seah Leahy had even more on Mad Mike, who even had a run in with a Caps' Blog Box blogger who crossed the line following a Milbury dig at Ovechkin in a game he came back to score a hat trick in defeating Sidney Crosby's Pens in overtime.

 PensHead's Allison has a different outlook entirely on the Russian defeat to host Canada.Who can blame her? She's a Pengwhine's fan. ;-)

Although i was cheering for Russia last night i really hoped they wouldn’t win gold. A few days back i shared my point of view with MouthFullOfTang and today i will share it with you. So why if i was cheering for Russia i wished them no gold? Well, as a wise man once said … “I did it for the Pens!”

With today's semifinals starting at 3 ET with Team USA taking on Finland while Canada battles Slovakia in the night cap, can we put the other night's chaos behind us already? It's time.

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