Friday, February 12, 2010

Cullen to Sens, Olympic Roster Freeze at 3

There's less than three hours until the Olympic Roster freeze. In other words, there should be some activity between now and then. Too bad I'll be on my way to The Slope for some hoops. I'll be able to check for updates on my phone but won't be around to post till later.

Anyway, there was one deal made with the Canes sending Matt Cullen to Ottawa for Alexandre Picard and a second round pick. Wise move for both sides as Carolina continues to sell while remaining competitive (anyone catch their latest win over Buffalo last night???) and the Sens add a solid versatile pivot with Cup experience as they make their push for first in the Northeast. Saw this on Twitter from a great Sabre fan and can't say I blame her:
ShanV11 Can someone go wake up Darcy pleeeeaaase? #Sabres #NHLTrade

If Ryan Miller's tirade following the game can't, they're in trouble. As for what else is going on, Donald Brashear, who had the audacity to take a shot at Colton Orr, has cleared waivers. Huggy Bear. If this was 7-8 years ago when you could play, okay. Reality check. And what do you know? The guy he cheapshotted/replaced Blair Betts just re-upped with the Flyers. Irony much?!?!?!?!?!

The following players have been put on waivers:

Jonathan Cheechoo (Ott)
Jamie Lundmark (Cgy)
Brad May (Det)

Florida is still looking to pull something off before the deadline. Will they trade with the Rangers? Alright. I gotta run out. See ya later!

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