Saturday, December 1, 2007

Rangers win, Thanks to Steve

Derek has done a fine wrap up at the end of his last post on the Rangers' 5-2 win over the Senators tonight. Nice to see some offense from the Blueshirts. Ottawa is not this bad, so everyone they play right now needs to take advantage of this stretch of poor play.

I wanted to send a thank you out to Steve for giving me a chance to write on here day in and day out. I appreciate the chance he has given me to write about one of my passions on a daily basis. So, thank you Steve. Good luck to you, and thank you for creating an enjoyable blog for all to read. Hopefully you check up on it frequently, and when it starts pulling in millions of hits a day, you can say you were the founder. :)

I, too, will weigh in on the other teams every once in a while without stepping on anyone's toes of course. Enjoy the rest of the weekend, and have those snow shovels ready for anyone in the New York area. I've already gotten it upstate. Snow makes it really feel like hockey season.

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