Friday, December 28, 2007

Friday afternoon Blueshirts news

Nothing overly exciting happening so far, but I wanted to report the most current events.

- There will be no discipline for either Colton Orr or Sean Avery following the game against Carolina. With Avery, the incidents gets filed under a special category, and two more like instances will result in a mandatory one game suspension. I think that's fair. No complaints from me here.

- Talks between Columbus and the Rangers got hot last night, cooled off later, and now are said to be dead. Adam Foote has a full no trade clause, which I missed on my first read through, and Columbus has said they are no longer in the market for a winger. They are said to still be interested in Brandon Dubinsky, but I'm glad nothing is happening with this trade. The San Jose Sharks were said to be trying to get into the mix last night, but that fell through as well.

- Tom Renney is practicing the same line combinations as Wednesday night, which means Nigel Dawes would again be in the press box. Renney did say that he would prefer not taking the trip with 23 skaters, which means that Dawes may be playing this weekend, but in Hartford.

Now that this trade talk is done, for now, here's a question for anyone out there. What would you do to better the Blueshirts before the trade deadline? Trade some youth for a proven veteran? Trade a slumping veteran for some youth? Trade Marek Malik for two Hannah Montana tickets? Leave a comment with any ideas.


Stevens8204 said...

Trade Dawes so he can at least play....the kid has talent and yet gets buried on the Rangers. Anywhere else and he is at least a consistent threat. Give the kid a chance.

Steve (Newark) said...

Lenny, your off your rocker if you think Malik's worth two tix to Hannah Montana.

Lenny said...

Agree with the Dawes comment, although I would hate to see him tearing it up for another team when given ample playing time.

Hey, Malik's big, and sometimes he bumps into people, making it possible that he can knock someone off the puck if there is a well placed rut in the ice. Plus, he is the perfect 16th shooter in a shootout.

Anonymous said...

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