Thursday, December 6, 2007

Rangers vs Maple Leafs tonight

The Rangers take on the Maple Leafs again tonight, but will be without Sean Avery. Radio announcers will probably take the time to think up the most ridiculous lines that Avery is yelling from the press box. No lineup changes are expected from the Rangers' end, which means Marek Malik is still in with Michal Rozsival as Paul Mara continues to nurse his sore shoulder. The Rangers that played on Monday night will be left somewhere on the side of the Hudson River, one would hope, and they should come out flying tonight.

My posts for the next week may be limited to pre-games and possibly post-game wrapups. It's final paper and exam time, which is putting a damper on everything from television to hockey to sleep. In the mean time, Derek continues to pop out posts for you all to enjoy, if you can keep up with him. At this rate, he'll be covering every team in the NHL and doing the news and weather by this time next week. A big thanks to him for stepping up.

Enjoy the game, and I will do my best to get something out for you before the next game.

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