Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Just Like Death And Taxes...

Dear NHL Schedule-maker,

You have a great job in this world, given the bad economy and all. You have the opportunity to schedule NHL games for all of the NHL teams, probably somewhere in a nice cool office, a leather chair, and a nice computer. And you probably take a 2 hour lunch as well, Life is good.

Having said this, I have always had my suspicions about your motives. Over the years, I was met with skepticism from some other hockey fans as I suggested you were out to get the Buffalo Sabres based on the scheduling of their games. I sat in wonderment about the blocks of 3 games in 4 nights, and such. And I thought to myself 'Whomever is making this schedule, are 'they' out to get the Sabres?'

I am sure you thought you could continue on with your ways and mask the truth. But now, thanks to the great work by those from www.ontheforecheck.com, 'you' cannot hide any longer, as this site provides data available to show the amount of times a NHL team faces a team on a back-t0-back night, and when the team themselves has a back-t0-back games scheduled.

And guess what team has the most back-to-back games scheduled and tied for the worst balance with Atlanta?

Take a look for yourself!


An astonishing 22 times the Buffalo Sabres play back-to-back nights! And here I thought I was imagining things. Thanks for confirming that you are out to get us, whomever 'you' are.

Now if only I can show this link to Buffalo Sabres GM Darcy Regier to show the importance of a solid backup goaltender and stop his love affair with Patrick Lalime, then maybe we are getting somewhere.


Bitter Sabres Fan Till The End

Summer Sabres Shots:

I understand that the Buffalo Sabres want to save money, but a $333,333 buyout over the next two seasons for Tim Kennedy, a scrappy player who is from South Buffalo and loved playing for the Sabres? What a message to send to the team. Has Buffalo Bills owner Ralph Wilson taken over the Sabres Front Office?

While Gary Bettman and his cronies are out to get the likes of the New Jersey Devils for circumventing the system they agreed to when signing Ilya Kovalchuk, can Darth Bettman investigate why Regier gave Tim Connolly all that cash and reject his contract as well? Just saying...

This has been the 'Summer Of Status Quo' for the Buffalo Sabres which has frustrated much of the fan base, but it would not be fair not to give Regier kudos for the signing of defenseman Shaone Morrisonn to a 2 year contract, who adds much needed size and shot blocking ability to the blueline. Plus, it will be fun to see how many times Sabres beat writers misspell his name.

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Derek Felix said...

It never fails. I haven't even delved into the Ranger sched yet. That's how enthused I am. Funny you should mention Connolly as I was thinking it too.

I actually like what they did with the D. But outside of that, come on. I blasted Regier for the Kennedy flap.

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