Saturday, August 28, 2010

Bettman has eye on prize

The whole summer seems to have flown by like sand on a windy day at the beach. For us puckers, it has and continues to be about Kovalchuk, the Devils and the biggest pompous egomaniac to run a league named Buttman Bettman.

So, here we are just a few days away from August commencing with schools starting up and camps around the corner. Only nothing's been decided thanks to Blochhead's controversial decision. Retirement contract. Who ever heard of such a thing? As our Buffalo blogger Brian astutely noted during this fiasco, the average NHLer lasts a shade over six years. Earth to Blochhead and the powers that be. Ilya Kovalchuk is far from average, having already lasted a decade. Well, aside from the utter failure of Lockout II throwing away an entire season. Oh. And if you don't think it is by now, you also believe in the tooth fairy, Easter Bunny and that jolly old fellow who shall remain unnamed for the kiddies.

Bettman wanted "cost certainty." One of the dumbest terms to hit hockey along with "New NHL." Where a panicked league continues to do just that, tweaking every rule trying to confuse players, coaches and fans alike. Brilliant. The owners were supposed to stop overpaying their product. But in case you hadn't noticed, GMs found an innovative tactic around the cap- locking up cornerstone players to eccentric long-term deals that would make both Alexei Yashin and Carol Alt drool. This is the part where I love how it's the players' fault. As if someone was going to tell them not to sign on the dotted line.

The NHL is right that these ridiculous contracts are an issue which will be up for debate at the next CBA. Otherwise known as the real 2012 or perhaps hockey's final death bed. Because apparently, Gary's not satisfied with two. He wants to dare to destroy even more. Ever hear of the three strikes rule when you do something wrong? You get three chances. The first two and you're on notice. Third time and you're out. Well, that grand 'ole commish we just can't rid ourselves of hasn't. He wants to lockout the players again. Who cares about consequences. Credibility again tossed aside.

So, the PA is taking things a bit more seriously with Donald Fear Fehr about to take over an operation that's as dysfunctional as Bettman. I know what you're thinking. This is the same universally loathed man who cost a baseball season in '94. But the circumstances are different. The players need someone who will stand up and fight for their rights. A corrupt league is milking Blochhead's decision, trying to run Kovalchuk out of town and back home to Russia. And if Bill Daly's serious, pffft.

Who's gonna stop this evil regime? The clock is ticking...

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