Monday, August 30, 2010

Circus continues to run a muck

Something really could be said for how the Rangers are treating bloggers. I know BlueshirtBanter and they're quite respectable and do a solid job covering the team from a fan perspective. So, why am I not shocked at the lack of respect given to them following their simple coverage of the Fire Slats protest?

This organization has sunk to new levels, doing whatever it can to infuriate a loyal fanbase that continues to support mediocrity. Cause there's no other way to sum it up. That's what we are getting. A team that can't seriously challenge for a Cup and even was called out by franchise netminder Henrik Lundqvist, who doesn't expect them to be at the top. What does that say about this ongoing circus? Since when is just making the playoffs acceptable?!?!?!?!?!

Sadly, this is what you get under the leadership of Dolan, who is Hell bent on bringing back Garden failure Isiah Thomas to run the Knicks- disrespecting Hall Of Fame current GM Donnie Walsh. How low can they go? Also hear service fees for individual tickets will run nearly 50 bucks to sit in the cheapseats. Anything to insult the intelligence of puckers. But hey. This from the same building that won't ever acknowledge that there's an All-Star game in our league. But you'll find plenty of NBA ballots this winter.

Sure. Tickets didn't decrease for season subscribers. But hell-o McFly! They missed the playoffs last year. By that logic, shouldn't they throw fans a bone like they did pre-lockout? Oh wait. What was all that fuss again about "cost certainty" and being more fan friendly. Ha. Not if you're a Ranger fan or a devoted blogger who has more passion than any of the nimrods that run The Garden. Of course, beer will go up again to like nine bucks. Simply amazing.

I could go on but what's the point? Our top defenseman remains unsigned with camp a little over a week away. But they managed to add ex-Sabre energizer Tim Kennedy for the fourth line. I like what Kennedy brings but what's more pressing? Forward depth or a position that isn't exactly a strength? Shhhh. Better not tell lackeys Rautwig, Giannone or Micheletti who'll be dishing the same MSG propaganda about this club. One which THN picked to finish 13th in the East. And while I do think they'll compete with Tampa Bay, Montreal and Atlanta for the final spot, they could easily finish 12th.

That doesn't seem to matter. As long as they got seats filled (even if not, bought-same difference), it'll continue to be the SOS. I wish I could say I am excited for 2010-11. But I'm really not. Not unless the Wisconsin kids (Stepan/McDonagh) become regulars at some point and Mats Zuccarello-Aasen isn't royally screwed. Oh. And there better not be a Tinman sighting. :P

As I close, all I can think about is how there should be a new MSG sponsor. Barnum & Bailey. Why not? They already have the circus in town. Bring on the elephants and plenty of peanuts and cotton candy. I'm ready. Are you?

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