Tuesday, July 20, 2010

NHL rejects Kovalchuk contract

So apparently the deals for Marian Hossa and Chris Pronger which took them into their 40's that already circumvented the spirit of the cap were allowable but the deal for Ilya Kovalchuk isn't? Based on what, the fact Hossa and Pronger will be 41 and 42 when their deals are done and Kovy will be 44? Who is the NHL to determine what's an acceptable age, since it hasn't been done before? Chris Chelios is still playing at age 48 and Gordie Howe played professionally into his 50's. I'm not saying it's likely but come on, this is nonsense. You can't arbitrarily create a precedent when you ignored it in the past.

I fully expect as in the past when Lou Lamoriello challenges the league, he'll win yet again and the NHL will look even more foolish than it already is. God, I hate this league sometimes. Maybe Bobby Clarke whined again the way he did to get the trapezoid to neutralize Martin Brodeur, it wouldn't be surprising since he was already proven a hypocrite there and his organization just had to dump Simon Gagne for a spoiled ham sandwich because of the cap. On some level though I guess it's fitting. With all the twists and turns this saga has taken, why not a couple more?

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Derek Felix said...

predictable after what Lou said the nhl never does it the easy way

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