Thursday, July 1, 2010

Martin signs with Pens, Boogard a Ranger

The Devils worst fear has been realized. Paul Martin is a Penguin. While that might not seem as bad as say signing with us or the Flyers, just imagine No.7 playing alongside Cindy and Geno. It's enough to make you cringe.

After Pittsburgh landed Zbynek Michalek agreeing on a five-year, $20 million deal, it looked like Martin would still be available. Especially after a mix up on Twitter with some having Martin done when it was really Michalek. However, the Pens must've been desperate to replace Sergei Gonchar, inking the former Devil to a five year contract worth $25 million. Stunning to say the least. Not so much the money as it was in line with what the market was set at thanks to the Sens overpaying Gonchar. But that Martin landed in the Steel city to play for a bitter rival.

Just imagine what those games are going to be like next year. Yikes. I can only wonder what's on Hasan's mind right about now. I'm sure we'll get the particulars fairly soon. Mean time, I'm still in a state of shock over Glen Sather's latest boo boo, handing one-dimensional pugilist Derek Boogard a four year contract worth a reported $1.65 million-per-season. Are you freaking kidding? Appalling doesn't even begin to describe this monstrousity.

A year after Donald Brashear, our senile GM does the unthinkable. Signing a guy who can't skate a lick and hasn't scored a goal in four years. Only Slats could turn a promising start to July 1 into a sour day. Panic move much after Jody Shelley got three years at $1.1 million per from the Flyers?!?!?!?!?! At least the vet can take a regular shift.

I'm at a loss for words right now. Excuse me while I go to the park for a long walk to recover. In related news from a prior tweet:

BREAKING NEWS: #NYR just clinched last place in the Atlantic Division. When asked about it, Dolan and Slats laughed at the bank with LeBron.


Hasan said...

And to make it even worse, the Devils give Tallinder around $3.5 million per for four years, once again we overpay for mediocrity while letting a key player go to a rival. You better believe tonight I'm going to town on Lou, whether he makes a desperation sign of Kovy or not.

Hasan said...

Okay, well I'm feeling a little better now about Volchenkov. Probably another move or two is yet to come since the Devils really can't have a defense with Volchenkov, Tallinder, Salvador, White and Urbom/Corrente/Fraser on it.

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