Saturday, February 2, 2008

Where has this team been all season?

For the second straight night, the Blueshirts put together a solid 60 minute performance in last night's win over the Devils. Derek recapped nicely below, and I'll add some of what I saw from watching the whole game.

- Good to see Chris Drury scoring goals. Maybe the fact that something leaked about Glen Sather looking to acquire a top centerman motivated Drury. Either way, it works out nicely for Ranger fans. Congratulations to both him and Scott Gomez on getting 5oo career points.

- Defense was solid all night long. Shots were blocked, deflected and steered away, the body was being taken at the blue line and there was always pressure on the puck handler. The offense came back and covered up when the defense pinched or was caught turning around or flat footed.

- Brandon Dubinsky continues to impress anyone that watches him. It seemed like he was always on the ice last night. He took the body, controlled the puck, took shots, dished off some nice passes and was all over the place. I loved it.

-Nigel Dawes is also looking more and more confident with the puck. Quick tricky shots, including his power play chance that rang off the crossbar right before Drury scored, fluid skating and crisp passing has earned him a spot on this team.

- The fourth line could be one of the best in hockey. The fact that they can play in the closing minutes of a one or two goal game speaks volumes. They were again solid defensively and still threatened on offense as well.

Like Derek said, the Rangers look to win their third game in a row, including a third in a row against Montreal this season, tomorrow afternoon before the Super Bowl. Could tomorrow be a double dose of New York wins? I sure hope so. Get started with the wings, chips, soda and beer a little early and tune into NBC at 2 pm tomorrow and enjoy the Ranger game. Then stay put and hope for a Big Blue upset to ruin Tom Brady's perfect season. I'll catch you all tomorrow or Monday.

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