Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Isles Brennan suspended 15 games, Simon almost back.

The Bridgeport Soundtigers/New York Islanders resident tough guy Kip Brennan was suspended by the AHL for 15 games for what the league deemed "inapropriate blow to the head" at a recent game against the Portland Pirates. Brennan came to the aid of teammate, Pascal Morency after he was injured by a blatant elbow by the Pirates player Geoff Peters. Brennan raced over to Peters and sucker punched him; knocking him out. He then preceeded to take on "all comers" after the entire Pirates team on the ice tried to get at him.

This will be Brennan's second suspension this season. The first being an automatic suspension after recieving 3 game misconducts in one season. In my opinion, 15 games is way too much. When I first saw it, I figured he would be suspended, with 5 games being the max. I was obviously wrong as today he was given 15 games to think about it. View the incident here:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HCAVMrn4D0Y Thanks to IslesEnforcers.com for the video.

In other news, Chris Simon has 4 games left until his return and has been working out on his own. Ted Nolan was quoted as saying that he would talk to Garth Snow and Charles Wang about having Simon return to practice sometime next week. I can only imagine that this will be Simon's final chance to make ammends for the Islanders. Only time will tell.

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