Thursday, January 10, 2008

Rangers show up late, lose again

My apologies on a late post. Truth is, about 12 hours ago I was in the middle of a post and my computer crashed. I have yet to get it going again and it's looking like I may be computer-less for a few days. This is just a temporary solution. Any suggestions for a new laptop?

Anyways, back to the Rangers. If the team that played the final 25 minutes of the game showed up every night, we would be better than Ottawa. I'm tired of saying that though. The first 35 minutes of the game was an abysmal performance. There was little heart and even less effort. It was kind of like they were expecting much less from the underachieving Lightning. No excuses. Come out and play hard for 60 minutes or we should trade for people that will.

I'm glad that Nigel Dawes and Greg Moore are back with the big club. P.A. Parenteau has been returned to Hartford. Tom Renney's use of them yesterday was extremely questionable though. 9:44 of ice time for Greg Moore and 10:12 for Nigel Dawes. Sure, that would cut it if we had four healthy lines, but with the second line not doing anything, the fourth line unable to score and the top line working on chemistry, there is no reason why that third line couldn't be out there for 15 minutes or so. Chris Drury logged 23+ minutes of ice time, which cannot be expected from any forward day in and day out.

Steve Zipay asks if the Blueshirts are working on a deal now that there are numerous injuries, Sean Avery and Martin Straka being out indefinitely at this point. One name he mentioned was Jason Chimera, but what would we be giving up? Obviously, we cannot trade Marek Malik and a struggling Ryan Callahan or Marcel Hossa for Ilya Kovalchuk, so any trade would mean parting with Petr Prucha, Nigel Dawes, Greg Moore or Al Montoya.

Three games remain before the All-Star break. It will be a welcomed break, if only for the several days off to get healthy. Let's look at righting this ship before then.

I can't guarantee being able to get on to get a post out tomorrow, but I'll try. I should hopefully be set with a new computer in the next week or so, but am having trouble deciding on what I want. I'm open to suggestions. I'll be back from the new device sometime really soon.

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