Friday, January 11, 2008

A few updates

Lately, I've been pretty busy with work. However, I did get out to the Garden last night for that dreadful showing by the Deadshirts.

Flat out pathetic. How in the world could they play so miserably when fourth line stone hand member Ryan Hollweg recorded his first career NHL two-goal game?

The game turned on a Chris Drury throwing the stick penalty near the conclusion of the first. When the Flyers tied it, you just knew what to expect. The latest awful goal slumping netminder Henrik Lundqvist allowed to Scott Hartnell from a sharp angle took the wind out of their sails.

Maybe it's that type of inconsistent goaltending from Lundqvist which hurt his All-Star chances as he was passed over for Islander goalie Rick DiPietro and Florida's Tomas Vokoun.

Somehow, Tim Thomas didn't make it. That's what happens when you have to have every team represented. What a stupid process.

In any event, the Blueshirts (soon to be renamed Booshirts) managed to allow Hartnell to score three consecutive goals for a hat trick. I can at least say that I wasn't in the building for that as I did the only logical thing. I left when it was still 3-2 after watching this heartless bunch do absolutely zilch on another power play. I only needed to see about 45 seconds before heading to the exits for Gerry Cosby's.

That's how bad it's gotten with this team. So, when does the organization get their collective heads out of their asses and make changes? It's painfully obvious that Tom Renney's message and silly defensive system isn't getting through. He's holding the team back. However, the affable coach is only part of the issue. The bigger one involves Michal "I never shoot" Rozsival and butt buddy Jaromir Jagr. Would somebody please tell Rozy that it's okay to shoot more and pass to other teammates rather than his Czech buddy?!?!?!?!?!

I've had it up to here with both. Just get them out of here. Seriously, this team will never win anything with these guys. Ship every Czech out except Petr Prucha.

I'm so tired of the wussy Euro-style. This East-West stuff just doesn't work. How many times can we see these guys pass up glorious chances going wide and away from the net in circles??? Welcome to the Broadway version of Ice Capades! I thought the days of Valeri "The Ballerina" Kamensky were over. Apparently I was wrong.

I also don't want to hear all the injury excuses. The Devils had injuries and overcame them like all good teams do. Every team loses players. Save me the Sean Avery and Martin Straka x-factors. If that's what they need, then they're already done and should just make their offseason plans.

Another thing. To all those obnoxious drunken Ranger fans who cheer every time Marek Malik is scratched, how's that working out? Can't blame No.8 anymore for the lack of D and inconsistencies. Jason Strudwick is a hard worker with character but he's nothing more than an extra defenseman. This business of him playing every night over Malik is moronic.

Also, how in the hell is Nigel Dawes on the third line? He had better chemistry with Drury and Brendan Shanahan. What the heck did Greg Moore do to deserve the nod? I'd love to hear that explanation.

There's a lot wrong with this team. And I don't really know how it gets fixed. Does anyone think they're beating the Canadiens tonight? Or winning at red hot Pittsburgh where Ty Conklin has morphed into Dominik Hasek?

I'm going to AC later today. If I had a chance to bet, I'd bet against the Rangers right now. That's how down I am.

Can they turn it around? I no longer know cause I've seen this disgusting act before. It's like being in the real life version of Back To The Future and going into the time machine.

At least the Devils and Islanders play hard for their coaches and get results. I wish I knew the answer.

P.S. That Alexander Ovechkin NHL record 13-year $124 million deal is sick. Wow. Talk about commitment! I think the Caps had to do it for the good of the franchise. Otherwise, how would they survive? They don't even draw much to begin with. Their team has played much better since the coaching chance and AO is one of the top five players in the league. His 32 goals ranked second coming into the night. I'm sure Jarome Iginla passed him during the Islander game.

Ovechkin is just 14 shy of last year's total and already has 130 goals during his brief NHL career. The guy is awesome. Is it too many years for the 22-year old Russian superstar? Probably. But I also see the rationale as explained above.

Would anyone ever have believed some of the crazy long-term deals we're now seeing become more the norm during the lockout? Positive or negative? What do you think?

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