Friday, December 29, 2006

Turn Out The Lights

This team sucks! Heck. I already concluded that last week. But to get a grand total of ZERO GOALS in consecutive games and lose by a combined score of 3-0 to the Islanders and Senators speaks volumes for how pathetic Tom "Dumb And Dumber" Renney's club is.

It's one thing to get blown out because your team defense sucks. But quite another to not score one freaking goal in six consecutive periods! Not when you have guys like Jagr, Shanahan, Straka and Nylander as part of your roster. This is inexcusable and the low point. At what point do they finally pull the plug on Renney and make a change? What's it going to take? A losing streak of 12 or 13 games?!?!?!?!?! Good god. They won't make any changes either. That's the sad aspect for a team that once was eight over .500 in regulation in this mediocre new NHL. Btw that was only two weeks ago before they got their asses handed to them by Toronto 9-2 and New Jersey 6-1 on the Lost Weekend. They haven't recovered.

How bad is this club? Henrik Lundqvist played well for the most part tonight but allowed a questionable goal redirected by Daniel Alfredsson to squeeze right through his pads less than a minute in. I know what the Lundqvist clan will say. How can you fault him for a deflection? If you saw it, it trickled through his pads. He was still in perfect position but didn't close it up in time.

And that right there was enough for a sad Blueshirts team which suddenly can't score goals. They even turned a five minute Chris Neil charging major into a fire drill registering two routine shots and hardly getting any attack time at all. And did Renney actually try some new personnel with the same old guys not able to move the puck quick enough to get chances? Of course not!

I didn't see much of this game. But the one highlight was Colton Orr beating Brian McGrattan in a scrap. Orr showed a lot of mettle in that fight against a bigger guy, taking his lumps before getting the better shots in to get the win. I wish I could say the same for the rest of the lineup which has become so predictable it's hard to even watch anymore.

To tell you how little I think of this team, there was a point in the third where the game got blacked out due to technical difficulties. Nobody seemed to care here in Old Bridge. That's all you need to know.

So, the fading Rangers on life support try to make it an eight game slide tomorrow against the Caps to end a year which was once promising. Remember when this team was better than the Devils in February before the Olympics? Bueller, anyone? That team self destructed and dropped their final nine. Now, they look to end a year which was a positive for the organization in stunning similarity. How typical of this franchise.

Pretty soon I believe Renney will look like this classic picture of from Home Alone:

But hey. Renney "has total faith" in this team and believes they don't want to be a perennial loser. Now might be a good time for the way too nice coach to take a good look in the mirror.

Until the next loss tomorrow. Oh well.

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