Tuesday, December 19, 2006

NY Teams Keep Nat'l Presence

Didn't it seem a long time ago that anyone who called a sporting event regularly for a New York NHL team was on a network? Not long ago, Doc and JD were the premiere broadcasting team in the NHL. Rosen and Micheletti weren't far behind, and Howie Rose was even doing some work nationally (And he SHOULD be doing work nationally again).

This year's NHL On Versus team is lead by Mike Emrick, and Billy Jaffe is their alternate reporter. Just a point on Jaffe, I enjoy his excitement about the game. Analysts at times (Brian Hayward for NBC and the Ducks an example) seem bored by their own game at times. Luckilly, Billy, as well as Joe and Chico, always are enjoying themselves.

Anyway, this year's NHL On NBC team will continue to have the pleasure of using Mike Emrick (As the #1 Play By Play Man) and Joe Micheletti (As the #2 Team's Inside the Glass Reporter). Emrick's first game will be Philadelphia-Pittsburgh on January 13th at 2:00 PM, while Joe will get to stay in the Garden for Rangers-Bruins on the same day and at the same time.

January 28th will be slightly different, as Emrick will be in Detroit calling the Avs-Wings, and Joe will be in Anaheim doing Stars-Ducks. So, while you may miss them a couple games each year, know that it's because they're so respected in their business.

IF anyone at all cares or is out of the NY area tonight, Beninati, THE BEEZER, and Bob Harwood have a useless Penguins-Blues game. But seriously, who cares?

Also, any other Devils fans who get the NOBODY CARES argument secretly enjoy the fact that Devils-Sabres on Versus Tuesday had MORE VIEWERS than the promoted to death Crosby-Ovechkin matchup?

Enjoy this one folks.

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