Thursday, December 21, 2006

Hockey Tonight

Rags are in Sunrise to take the Panthers.

VanCity is in Bahston.

Kansas, er, Houston, I mean, PITTSBURGH is in Atlanta as Crosby/Malkin meets Kovy/Hossa.

Philly meets Monteal (Simulcast on for subscribers)

Tampa rematches first-round foes in Ottawa.

Kings and Blues. Bleh. How did NBC get stuck with a rematch of this on January 13th ?(more below)

Sabres-Predators should be an interesting matchup.

Round it out with Dallas at the Shark Tank.

Anyway, on NBC, keep an eye on the Dallas-Philly NFL broadcast (5 PM, 12/25) for some considerable NHL promo time, featuring Sid the Kid (Who will be in more than 60% of American homes 1/13, 2PM).

Good evening and good hockey.

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