Friday, December 9, 2011

Random Thought: Shanahan fails on Ovechkin

Today's random thought pertains to the continued hypocrisy of the league. Even Brendan Shanahan has picked up right where Colin Campbell left off. By not even having a hearing with Alex Ovechkin for his spear to Chris Neil, who actually was called for diving after taking a cheap shot to the midsection, it's the same old story for the NHL. Sure. Neil isn't exactly a choir boy. But he delivered a good hit and Ovechkin intentionally used his stick while skating by the Sen tough guy. A clear attempt to injure. Given Ovi's track record, he deserved at least a fine. Though in our book, he should've been suspended for at least two games. Only when a star a la Ryan Miller gets plowed into twice does the league overreact. I'm all about protecting stars but when one bends the law, they should be punished.

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