Thursday, December 8, 2011

Birthday Ba$h

This post is not to commentate a birthday of a NHL player, coach, or anyone directly associated with the hockey league. And while yes, today would have been The Doors former lead singer Jim Morrison's birthday (born 1943) and actress Kim Basinger's birthday (I had such a crush on her when I was a kid)this birthday has more relevance for us at the Battle Of New York.

And it is the immortal Nathan Perrott's birthday, with 4 career goals on his NHL resume, that is not who we have in mind.

Ah yes, today's birthday is: (Drumroll.............)

None other then Derek Felix himself of course, the fearless leader of Battle Of New York!

Wishing you a Very Happy Birthday and many more! And while I cannot provide a monetary present to you at this time given I am clear across the country, I can provide another gift.

We all know you are a hockey card collector, and yes, this cards are truly, one of a kind. They symbolizes all that is good about card collecting, and all that is corrupt. The cards are rare , and as a hint for the first card, this is a player that I had a similar card of that I sold on eBay for a cool $73.00 and I am not even sure if this NHL player ever had 73 points to his credit!

The 2nd card is another legend from the past, was going to be the man to 'Lead the Charge' at M$G for years to come...and the card is graded! Imagine the possibilities!

And the 3rd and last card of course is one for the ages: Mark Messier has been a player that a lot have turned to for leadership, grit, and moxie. But this man was labeled 'a future captain' and one that would bring Dancing Larry, and other Rangers fans in the 400's towards hockey immortality....I give you, this tremendous trio!

Ah, seeing these cards makes me want to run to a card store, spend $200 on two 'unopened' boxes of cards from a certain card shop in New Jersey!!!


Hasan said...

Yeah, I hope you have a good one too Derek.

As for the post, I have no words...other than, $73, really?! I guess there is a sucker born every minute lol.

Derek Felix said...

lmao i just saw your "surprise" omg considering i predicted Moore's shorty (not kidding) that did in my birthday present, I accept this gift with a huge grin and laugh. I miss those days. Lundmark!!!!! He replied to me on twitter. Thank you gentlemen!

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