Thursday, October 21, 2010

Biron to start tonight

In a baffling move, the Rangers will start Martin Biron at Toronto. They just had two days off and are playing gutless hockey. Think maybe John Tortorella was afraid to play Henrik Lundqvist after what happened at last Friday's home opener? Regardless, that's no way to coach. Between that and his message about not retaliating on Colby Armstrong who only took out our best player, it's enough to make you sick. Armstrong had a funny comment about the rematch, via this Jim Cerny tweet retweeted by cool Ranger fan Carolena10. Who does he think is playing? The Charleston Chiefs?!?!?!?!?!

True enough, Biron was going to get a start in this three in four. So, maybe Tort figured, 'Let's get this out of the way.' I assumed Lundqvist tonight and Biron tomorrow in Beantown. So much for that. Can the vet backup who's now completing the New York hat trick (Buf, NYI, NYR) by debuting for us, deliver at the ACC? Based on his year on Long Island and what we saw in preseason, it doesn't inspire much confidence. We can only hope he'll surprise us. To think this was once a goalie who backstopped the Flyers to the Conference Finals. At least his mask won't suck when he dons our new third jersey:

Pretty cool, eh? Unfortunately, we won't get to see it later.


Hasan said...

Heh, I wonder how many players have skated for all three NY teams besides Biron and Pat LaFontaine?

Just don't ever start him against the Devils if you know what's good for you even if you have to start Chad Johnson, we light Biron up like a Christmas tree.

Derek Felix said...

yeah i actually tweeted that before and Wassel got it right away Lalalalalalallafontaine! lol and yeah, true. guess it worked out pretty good. sounded like they played a full 60.

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