Friday, June 25, 2010


How in the world did they pass on Cam Fowler? I can't believe he fell like a rock. It was all setting up to be a homerun. Imagine a blueline with Staal, Del Zotto, Fowler, McDonagh and Girardi (assuming re-signed). Heck. They could've traded the pick down and taken Tarashenko or Kuznetsov.

Instead, like a pile of bricks that is the Ranger franchise, they select Dylan McIlrath?!?!?!?!?! I could care less how tough he is. I don't care about his 19 fights. When you get a chance to take a Niedermayer-type who now oddly enough gets his Ducks jersey from him at the podium as No.12 overall, you take him! There was the familiar Pierre McGuire going ga ga over poor Fowler for sliding and praising the Ducks while ripping our loser team and other GMs who obviously forgot to take their med or had way too much scotch. I am flabbergasted.

Another example of NYRFail. Hence my tweet.

The magnitude of this royal suckage is too much. Arrrrrgh.


RZ said...

Is it tough to give up on Fowler or another offensive type? Absolutely. I don't know about you, however, but on more than one occasion last season all I could say to my friends while watching the Rangers was "I miss Beukeboom..."

Simply put, we need a guy like this to shut down opposing stars physically and painfully, defend Henrik, and to free up Del Zotto to focus on the offensive side of the puck. Remember, you didn't pair up Leetch and Zubov in '94, it was Leetch and Beukeboom. Given the fact that we still have Gilroy and McDonough in the system and didn't even have space for Sanguinetti (hence the trade) this was addressing a major shortcoming for the team.

Derek Felix said...

I don't disagree RZ. The lack of toughness has been a glaring hole for seemingly ever. I can rationalize why they did it. I was just very upset because I wanted Fowler and never in my wildest dreams did I ever see him slipping that far. I do got faith in Gordie Clark and Rath sounds good. It's just going to take time. We'll see down the road.

The Realistic Goalie said...

You're obviously an idiot with no idea about hockey.

The Rangers have been a soft team for years and have been lacking the type of player who would defend his teammates as well a make lives miserable for opponents in their defensive zone.

Right now the Rangers have Girardi, Staal, DelZotto, Gilroy, Redden, and Rozival. Real intimidating backline you got there.

You need at least 1 defenseman out there that makes the other guys pick their heads up and move the puck quickly for fear of losing their heads. Or to punish guys who screen Lundqvist(hint...about the only way he gets scored on).

While Dylan McIlrath might not have been the most talented guy out there, he fills a need, provided he develops that is.

And 11 teams passed on Fowler. What does that tell you??? There are significant concerns about his compete level and his ability to cut it at the NHL level. Can they be wrong about this kid??? Maybe. Or maybe the Rangers just drafted the next Scott Stevens.

The Realistic Goalie said...

PS: I forgot to mention this. If Pierre McGuire was flagellating over Fowler, then everyone should have stayed away. That guy is a moron and knows jack squat.

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