Saturday, June 26, 2010

Bye Bye Sangs

Bobby Sanguinetti has found a new home. Maybe Raleigh will treat him better than how our team did. Showing the usual lack of patience after superhyping the kid from Trenton who they once took in the first round a few years ago. Though it may as well seem like a decade the way his stock plummeted in the organization.

Apparently, there was no chance to recover from Michael Del Zotto beating him out at camp last year. And Matt Gilroy impressed, giving Ranger fans false hope only to disappoint during his first NHL season. So, Sangs goes bye bye and hopefully, gets a real shot with the Candy Canes. The deal was consumated a short while ago while I was watching USA trailing Ghana at the half in World Cup play. The particulars:

NYR receive '10 Car 6th Rd Pick, Wsh '11 2nd Rd Pick
Car gets D Bobby Sanguinetti

Can anyone say dump much? To think that yet again, our organization went ga ga over another kid and then soured due largely to Tort to the tune that this was the best they could get back. Simply amazing. What did Sangs play in? All of 2 games? Actually, it's five. Well, that's an improvement over Hugh Specimen. Best of luck to Bobby. Here's hoping his first career goal comes against us at MSG. Oh. And you know it will. It's a Ranger Tradition.

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