Friday, June 22, 2007

BoNY LiveBlog Part 2 - 9:00 PM

10:30 PM will stream the NHL Draft's Rounds 2-7 will be on, as TSN's coverage is done.

10:25 PM I'm shocked VERSUS is still on.

10:24 PM Long commercial break.

10:19 PM Big headline today is how Cherepanov and Esposity fell to great teams.

10:16 PM Just a thank you to everyone who read the liveblog tonight. Thanks to my contributors, Mike Chen and Lyle Richardson. I'll be working on Day 2 from 10-12 PM tomorrow, see if we can't get Derek in after that. This has been a lot of fun and I will certainly do it again. I'll liveblog any action till 11PM, when I'll post a full recap.

10:15 PM Phoenix at the podium. Nick Ross, who worships Scott Stevens and Chuck Lidell.

10:12 PM Coyotes on the clock.

10:10 PM Jimmy O'Brien from the University of Minnesota. Fast-tracked his way to Minnesota. Youngest player in the NCAA. Ottawa will have to choose between defense and forward.

10:10 PM Ottawa to the podium.

10:09 PM Looks like VERSUS hasn't dumped out yet. Shocker.

10:06 PM Ottawa is next.

10:05 PM Washington TRADES their pick to San Jose, and they take Nick Petrecki of Omaha of USHL. I had him higher. Bobby Orr is his agent.

10:02 PM Washington is up next with the pick they received in the Dianus Zubrus trade.


Lyle Richardson, Spector's Hockey:

I'm just surprised that Esposito and Cherepanov went as low as they did. I understand the Russian transfer agreement ( rather, the lack of one) was an issue but like Pierre Mcguire I expected him to go in the top ten. At least it worked out for Esposito going to Pittsburgh where he'll fit in well. I wasn't surprised that the Habs passed over Esposito for Ryan McDonagh, since the Canadiens lack defensive depth in their system. I was also a little surprised that Hickey went as high as he did, otherwise, not too many other surprises.

I think the lack of trade activity during the first round gave it an anti-climatic feel, especially after all the movement that occured in the 24 hours leading up to it.

9:58 PM Steve picks another one right! Smith's girlfriend has a gap in her teeth.

9:57 PM Stevie Y Picks Brendan Smith!

9:55 PM David "White Skates" Perron. That's a great influence on a young hockey player (Womp womp waaaaaaamp).

9:54 PM Detroit is on the clock.

9:53 PM David Perron, whom many had going higher, goes at #24.

9:51 PM NOW The Blues are up. They have #26.

9:48 PM Patrick White. A little off the board, USHL's Tri-City (Gomer!) #46 on the TSN list. #60 by THN, #23 by THN and NHL Central Scouting.

9:48 PM VanCity to the podium.

9:47 PM Vancouver is up next.

9:45 PM St. Louis has 2 of the next 4 picks.

9:45 PM Backlund had injury troubles last year, but is 100% healed.

9:44 PM Coming back from a short break, Mikael Backlund is headed to the Calgary Flames. I had him going much higher, this is a steal for Iron Mike and Calgary

9:38 PM Calgary is up.

9:37 PM Nashville selects Jonathan Blum.

9:35 PM Nashville to the podium. This is an interesting pick.

9:33 PM Nashville's next.

9:32 PM Max Pacioretty from Connecticut, of the USHL (Sioux City). Headed to UMich.

9:30 PM The Canadiens are next at #22.

9:27 PM Riley Nash of the BCHL (Kyle Turris' League). Edmonton obviously wanted him. He'll be the 2nd of 3 Tier 2 Jr. Players taken.

9:26 PM Edmonton heads to the podium.

9:25 PM Edmonton is up.

9:24 PM TRADE! Oilers and PHX look to be involved. Phoenix trades #21 for #30 and #36 (Rd. 2)

9:19 PM Angelo Esposito to the Pens!

9:15 PM Pens to the podium.

9:14 PM Pens are up. Do they dare take Esposito?

9:12 PM Logan McMillan. PEI kid (Woo spector!) son of former NHLer Bobby McMillan, nephew of former NHLer Billy McMillan.

9:12 PM Now, Anaheim is up.

9:09 PM 3rd US NTDP player in the first 18.

9:08 PM St. Louis goes off the board with Ian Cole from the US NTDP. Interesting pick. A proud day for USA Hockey.

9:07 PM Backlund, Esposito, Petrecki and Perron are the Top 4 available.

9:06 PM STL is up again.

9:06 PM I like this Chere..Trade! CGY trades #18 to STL for #24 and #70 (Rd.3)

9:02 PM Cherepanov finally. His favorite player is some guy who wears #68. An absoulte steal if he heads to the NHL next year. Oh, an absolute score for the Rags. Will try to get some thoughts from Derek before the night is over.

9:02 PM Alexei Cherepanov!

9:01 PM Rangers at the Podium.

9:00 PM and the Rangers are on the clock. Still nothing big yet.

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