Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Ducks-Wings Tonight, SCF Schedule

Before we start, the Cup Finals schedule was released today. It will be a Monday-Wednesday-Saturday rotation, starting Monday and Wednesday on VERSUS, then Saturday-Monday-Wednesday-Saturday-Monday on NBC.

Frankly, Derek wanted it to start earlier. I wanted it to stay on 5/29 like it was originally planned. We would've had to wait 5 days for the final, but then we'd have only had 1 2-day break instead of two. It'll be really hard to get into this series. At least the two 2-day breaks will be travel days, so the more media members can attend.

Advantage Detroit if they can win two in a row.

Game 6 is tonight. There is a precedent for this. 5 Years ago, down 3-2 to Colorado in the height of that rivalry, on the road, they get the win at Pepsi Center and go on to the Finals. I think they can win tonight. Good luck to our friends on both sides, like Paul Kukla and the KK gang, and Earl Sleek and Co. at Battle of California. 9PM Tonight. It is on!

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