Thursday, May 31, 2007

Battle of New York News

Since the NHL season could be over as soon as Wednesday, let's give you an update as to where the site will be over Summer Vacation.

We, of course, will be doing Awards coverage June 13-June 15.

June 17-June 22, I will be revealing #'s 30-1 of my NHL First Round Mock Draft. Derek will have his analysis as well, and we will likely liveblog as much of the draft as VERSUS broadcasts, if there is no Devs draft party.

June 23 we will be keeping an eye on Day 2 of the Draft.

June 25 - June 30 We will preview UFA day.

July 1 We will be liveblogging UFA Activity.

July 2 - July 8 We will keep you posted on UFA activity as it happens. Press Conferences and such.

On July 9th or until all the Devs and Rags UFAs are signed (As late as July 30th), Battle of New York will go on a long-deserved and long in length hiatus, as long as Scott Gomez has signed by then.

I cannot promise that all 3 of us will be back next season, but I can tell you that Battle of New York will return on September 1st once the hiatus begins.

Until all of this, Enjoy the hockey!

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