Monday, July 2, 2012

Day Two Tracker: Brodeur Loyal Devil

With Zach Parise putting off his decision at least till Tuesday, I figured I might as well get everyone caught up on today's signings. Not that there were too many. Haha. Like I said in my previous entry and similar to what Hasan echoed, these kind of decisions take time. Especially when everyone's knocking down your door. I can only imagine the chaos both Zach and Ryan Suter are experiencing. As fans, we only see one end of it and want it to be over.

Imagine if they brought a camera following them around. The intensity of negotiations, meetings, etc. That'd be going a bit too far. At least we get a chance to see what players go through thanks to the successful NHL36 show that runs on NHLNetwork.

Highlighted by Martin Brodeur doing the right thing, re-signing with the Devils for two more years at the same $4.5 million cap hit another 40-year old Ray Whitney signed the day before with Dallas, here are today's moves including Jiri Hudler's four-year deal with the free spending Flames. Again, in no particular order:

   Name Of Player         Team        Years       Contract     Avg
1.Jiri Hudler                Cgy           4             $16 million  4.0 
2.Martin Brodeur        NJD           2               9              4.5
3.Johan Hedberg         NJD           2              2.8            1.4
4.Jason Garrison         Van           6              27.6          4.6
5.Toby Petersen           Dal           2              NA            NA
6.Jeff Woywitka          NYR         1              NA            NA
7.Andrew Ebbett          Van           1             600 K        600 K
8.Chris Conner             Phx            1             NA            NA
9.Matt Smaby               Ana           1             NA            NA
10.Alexandre Bolduc    Phx            1             NA            NA
11.Bracken Kearns      SJS            1             NA            NA

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