Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Quick Hits

Since I've been quite busy lately with work, here are some quick hits:

-Once again, the NHL has a double standard when it comes to league discipline. While a star like Ovechkin as a repeat offender gets three games, a guy like Malkin uses his stick as a weapon without even a fine. Oh. Same team who has Matt Cooke, who got away with a slewfoot on Brad Richards. And same team with Zbynek Michalek, who also should've been suspended. Unbelievable.

-John Tavares' recent 12-game point streak is proof the kid is coming into his own. But it still should've been Matt Moulson who represented the Islanders as he's been more consistent. Full credit to JT91 for his elevated play and Moulson for continuing to make the Kings look foolish.

-The Ranger win in Boston was another example of team character following a bad loss. Nice to see the right guys light the lamp. But it's worrisome about McDonagh and Sauer's setback is alarming. They still will need to go get a D at the deadline.

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