Thursday, September 1, 2011

Janssen vs Belak Mar 20, 2007

In what can only be described as a classic fight, Wade Belak and Cam Janssen go toe to toe at Air Canada Centre. Who else but legendary Doc Emrick and the always entertaining Chico Resch call the action. Of course, Chico's right about fighting. "It keeps the game clean."

It would be a mistake for the league to overreact and eliminate fighting. Enforcers stand in and protect teammates, including stars. If you took it out, there would be dirtier cheapshots and more dangerous stick swinging incidents. Of course, nobody knows the full extent of how much the combatants suffer when blows are exchanged. We've seen players KO'd a la when Colton Orr decked Todd Fedoruk, who's had his own personal issues off the ice, according to close The Program pal Chris Wassel.

The nature of fighting is rough. However, they'll need to do extensive research on why players are dying. Anxiety/Depression is a serious life issue that can affect anyone. Not just athletes. It doesn't discriminate. Let's try to remember Belak, Boogaard and Rypien for what they stood for. Quality individuals who came to the aid of teammates, who were very popular in the locker room.

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